Relatives of Political Opponent Unlawfully Detained

Relatives of Political Opponent Unlawfully Detained

EG Justice March 8, 2016
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EG Justice Calls for the Immediate Release of Relatives of Political Opponent, Unlawfully Detained in Equatorial Guinea, without Access to a Lawyer.

EG Justice condemns the unlawful arrest and prolonged detention of Ernesto Mabale Eyang and Juan Antorio Mosuy Eseng, and calls on the government of Equatorial Guinea to secure the immediate and unconditional release of these two men.

Mr. Mabale Eyang, and Mr. Mosuy Eseng, both 25-years of age are, respectively, the son and nephew of Filiberto Mabale, the secretary-general of the political party in exile Coalición de Oposición para la Restauración de un Estado Democrático (CORED). They were arrested without a warrant on February 12, 2016 and held at Malabo Central Police Station for about a week. On February 20, they were transferred to Black Beach prison, also in Malabo, where they continue to be held. They have neither been brought before a judge to rule on their detention, nor charged with any offence, in contravention of Equatorial Guinea’s law, which requires that detainees be brought before a judge within 72 hours. Therefore, their continued detention is unlawful.  

The arrest and detention of these two men appears to be related to an extract of a document supposedly signed by the Minister of National Security ordering the arrest of exiled political opponents, which was circulated in social media on February 11.

Mr. Mosuy Eseng, an information technology expert, was arrested at Malabo airport, where he works, after allegedly sending a copy of the document to his cousin.

Mr. Mabale Eyang, a final year law student at the National University of Equatorial Guinea, was arrested a few hours later, at about 20:00 hours in a classroom. Police officers entered the classroom, went directly to him, demanded he handed over his mobile phone, and arrested him.

EG Justice has received information indicating for the first 48 hours following their arrest, their whereabouts were unknown. Additionally, since their arrest, they have not had access to a lawyer.

EG Justice urges the authorities in Equatorial Guinea to immediately and unconditionally release Mr. Mabale Eyang, and Mr. Mosuy Eseng who have been unlawfully arrested and detained. The authorities must also ensure that they are not ill-treated while in detention; and that they have access to a lawyer of their choice. 



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