Draft Country Programme Document: Equatorial Guinea

Draft Country Programme Document: Equatorial Guinea

UNICEF | June 20, 2007
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The draft country programme document for Equatorial Guinea is presented to the Executive Board for discussion and comments. The Board is requested to approve the aggregate indicative budget of $3,680,000 from regular resources, subject to the availability of funds, and $3,995,000 in other resources, subject to the availability of specific-purpose contributions, for the period 2008-2012.

Since 1995, Equatorial Guinea has experienced strong economic growth, thanks to exploitation of its oil resources. With a gross domestic product (GDP) estimated at US$ 5,000 per capita, the country is considered a middle-income country. However, the majority of the population remains poor (in 2000, 60 per cent were living on less than one dollar a day), indicating that human development has not kept pace with economic growth. 

Some 20 per cent of the labour force works in the secondary sector (primarily oil extraction), which generates more than 90 per cent of GDP, while almost 50 per cent of the labour force is dependent on the primary sector (agriculture and fishing), which generates only 3 per cent of GDP. Investment of oil revenues in the agricultural sector is low. Agricultural production meets only 30 per cent of local demand, and a large proportion of basic foodstuffs are imported and costly. Inflation continues to erode purchasing power. Such disparities inevitably have a negative impact on women and children, especially in rural areas....


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