Equatorial Guinea: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix, 2006

Equatorial Guinea: Selected Issues and Statistical Appendix, 2006

International Monetary Fund | June 23, 2006
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Economic and social development indicators and discussions published annually by the IMF.

"The large-scale production of hydrocarbon in Equatorial Guinea has set the stage for a significant and dynamic transformation of its economy. However, because its nonrenewable hydrocarbon resources will eventually be depleted, the country needs to identify new sources of growth over the medium to long term. The following chapters analyze policy challenges and options, paying special attention to the fiscal dimension of future development strategies. 

Chapter II analyses the medium- and long-term prospects of the hydrocarbon sector as a source of growth. In spite of many pessimistic accounts of growth in mineral-rich countries, it presents international experiences demonstrating that resource-led development strategies can be designed..."


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