Saving Lives with HIV/AIDS Peer Educators in Equatorial Guinea

Saving Lives with HIV/AIDS Peer Educators in Equatorial Guinea

UNICEF | February 19, 2008
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Highlights a series of training sessions for women organized by UNICEF, the Spanish National Committee for UNICEF and the Red Cross in Equatorial Guinea. These sessions allow participants to express themselves freely on HIV/AIDS and upgrade their knowledge on prevention and treatment of the disease.

MALABO, Equatorial Guinea, 19 February 2008 – In a region where talking about sexuality is still taboo and where abstinence has been the exclusive means of prevention against HIV, thousands of lives are threatened due to lack of education.

“Before, talking about AIDS was like being sentenced to death or like expediting someone to hell,” said a peer educator and student named Aquilina. “I was scared because I didn’t have precise ideas. But I realized that I could share my doubts with them and that above all, I could help them.”

To undertake a successful prevention campaign, it is necessary to raise awareness about the threat of HIV infection....


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