Transcript of Presentations by African Ministers

Transcript of Presentations by African Ministers

International Monetary Fund | September 25, 2005
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This is a transcript of a public seminar with select African ministers during the International Monetary Fund's 2005 annual meeting in Washington DC. His Excellency Mr. Don Marcelino Owono Edu, the Minister of Economy and Budget of the Republic of Equatorial Guinea describes the evolution of the economy. He also discusses recent developments, the risk to the country's economic outlook, and strategies developed by the authorities to cope with this risk and ensure a sustained economic growth. His Excellency also emphasize measures taken by the authorities to strengthen oil resource management, including the decision to adhere to the EITI.


Mr. Abdoulaye Diop, Minister of State, Minister of Economy and Finance, Senegal

Mr. Marcelino Owono Edu, Minister of Economy and Budget, Equatorial Guinea

Mr. Charles P. McPherson, Senior Adviser, The World Bank

Mr. Ondo Mane, IMF Executive Director for Francophone Africa

Mr. Samuel Itam, Assistant Director, African Department, IMF

MR. ONDO MANE: "Thank you. His Excellency, the Minister of State of Senegal, Abdoulaye Diop; His Excellency Marcelino Owono Edu, from Equatorial Guinea, Mr. McPherson, it is a pleasure to me to introduce this serious discussion on Africa. I think we will make it in the future for other countries. A key objective is to express what has been expressed in the communiqué, that Africa has to get more voice and explain their own problem. We will begin with Senegal and Equatorial Guinea to explain their economic development, their goals and one way to strengthen their ownership.

[Continuing in French] Excellency, the Minister of Finance of Equatorial Guinea, the Minister of Finance of Senegal, it is a pleasure for me, as Executive Director representing you, to present you here, introduce you during this press conference. You, yourselves, are going to express the economic and social objectives of your countries, and it's going to be proof of your ownership of the problems we have been implementing..."


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