UN Fact-Finding Mission Finds Torture behind Closed Doors in Equatorial Guinea

UN Fact-Finding Mission Finds Torture behind Closed Doors in Equatorial Guinea

United Nations | November 14, 2008
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This is a report filed by Manfred Nowak, UN Special Rapporteur on torture, that outlines his findings on the use of torture in Equatorial Guinea. Nowak's nine day fact-finding mission, initiated by the government of Equatorial Guinea, visited several locations and institutions inside the country. Nowak reports a systematic use of torture by police and security forces.

"On the basis of an analysis of the legal system, my visits to detention facilities, interviews with detainees, the support of forensic medical evidence, and meetings with Government officials, lawyers and representatives of civil society, I would like to share the following observations: 

I have found that torture is systematically used by the police forces against persons who refuse to “cooperate” – persons suspected of political crimes as well as suspects of common crimes, in particular at the Central Police Stations in Bata and Malabo. The gendarmerie appears to practice torture to a lesser extent. I was unable to verify allegations against the military because I was denied access to military detention facilities.

Types of abuse reported to me, and corroborated by expert medical analysis and evidence found in the respective police stations, include..."


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