Press Release
Activist Released
EG Justice

EG Justice welcomes the release of Clara Nsegue Eyi, a political activist from Equatorial Guinea. Thanks to the constant support of organizations like Amnesty International, international and local activist, and diplomatic representatives, “Lola” is now finally able to join her family and friends outside of the holding cell where she was kept for months.

Clara Nsegue Eyi, or “Lola,” is the founder of not-yet-registered Democratic Party for Social Justice (PDJS). She was arrested in May 2013 for petitioning for the recognition of her political party, ahead of the parliamentary elections of May 26, 2013.

Lola’s arbitrary and prolonged detention is an example of the Equatoguinean government’s continued harassment and intimidation to dissenters. Confinements without charge or trial remain a common and shameful punishment aimed at discouraging other citizens from exercising their freedoms of expression, association, and assembly.

EG Justice calls on the government of Equatorial Guinea to end these repressive practices and to open the political and civic spaces so Lola and all Equatoguineans can freely exercise their rights and participate in the political events of the nation.