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EG Justice Visiting Fellows Program - Ramón Esono Ebale
EG Justice

Ramón Esono Ebale, better known as Jamón y Queso, is a graphic artist whose comics and murals have won international acclaim. He has participated in festivals in France, Italy, and Cote d'Ivoire and his work has been displayed in Equatorial Guinea, Europe, and the United States. Esono Ebale's work often focuses on controversial topics in Equatorial Guinea, such as corruption, political repression, human rights abuses, gender violence, and pointed criticism of the current government. To reach his target audience, the people of Equatorial Guinea, Esono Ebale uses blogs and social media to share his work and mobilize supporters. His blog, Las Locuras de Jamón y Queso, features comics, essays, and art by Esono Ebale and other artists on current events in Equatorial Guinea. Jamón y Queso's latest project is a graphic novel called, "La Pesadilla de Obi" (Obi's Nightmare).