Press Release
Equatorial Guinea: Ensure Media Freedom
EG Justice

The Committee to Protect Journalistsand Freedom House have consistently ranked Equatorial Guinea amongst the most censored countries in the world. Besides RTV-Asonga, the radio and TV network owned by Teodoro “Teodorin” Nguema Obiang, the Second Vice President and son of President Teodoro Obiang, all broadcast media are state-owned; and a limited number of private papers are periodically published under heavy government censorship.

RTVGE, the national broadcaster is used to further the State propaganda. Newscasters routinely cover the governing party’s activities in detriment of opposition and critical voices. Journalists systematically self-censor out of fear of reprisals from the government.

Press freedom and access to information are severely curtailed. EG Justice has documented 20 sites that are routinely blocked by the government, including: Facebook and Twitter; and independent sites such as Diario Rombe, Radio Macuto, ASODEGUE Segunda Etapa, Tiempos Canallas, EG Justice and

EG Justice calls on the government of Equatorial Guinea to ensure media freedoms during the upcoming presidential campaign and election seasons.