Press Release
Equatorial Guinea Loses a Human Rights and Democracy Giant
EG Justice

(Washington DC, April 27, 2022) EG Justice mourns the passing of human rights defender and physician Dr. Wenceslao Mansogo Alo. Dr. Mansogo passed away in Saint-Etienne, France, following a lifelong dedication to advancing human rights and fighting for democracy in his native Equatorial Guinea. 

A physician with a private clinic which he named “Espoir,” (Hope in French), that serviced equally the wealthy and the most vulnerable who could not afford to pay the medical bill. A man of honor and integrity who vociferously denounced human rights violations, spoke against corruption and challenged autocracy.

In 2012 Dr. Mansogo became a political prisoner following a sham trial that sentenced him to three years of incarceration. He was freed four months later as a result of international pressure from human rights groups which demanded his release. 

A friend, mentor, and collaborator with EG Justice, always fervently committed to challenge injustice. In his latest appeal in 2020, at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, as his own health was deteriorating and he was unable to travel to France for a medical checkup, he called on the Equatoguinean government to depoliticize the response to the pandemic, and to institute responsible strategies that promote health equity, respects human rights, and effectively stops the spread of the Coronavirus. 

Dr. Mansogo famously once told our Executive Director, “we make the road by walking.” We honor his legacy by intensifying our commitment and work for a more open and just Equatorial Guinea. 

May he rest in power!