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One of the impacts and adverse effects of the isolation measures is the situation of the workers who, based on Art. 79 of the labor code, have been sent home until everything returns to normal.  This article says that the suspension cannot exceed more than 30 days.  And, as we have seen in China, Italy, Spain and the USA, for example, we cannot anticipate how long these measures will last.  In any case, the workers want to know who will pay them for these 30 days or more, as it seems likely. They want to know how they will feed their families during this contract suspension time, since employers are not required to pay wages during this time. And until now, the Government has not addressee any of these questions.

There are even companies that try to force employees to signa request for compulsory vacations, and at the same time sign another document of indefinite suspension.

On top of this, neither the government, nor the Parliament, nor the Ombudsman, nobody, absolutely nobody, gives an answer or solution to these concerns.  It doesn't look good.