COVID-19 Stories
Market Merchant “bayam-selam”
EG Justice

This is a real challenge. Everything is getting complicated for us.

For those of us with school-age children, it is unsustainable.  Schools have been closed for a while, so I have my children at home.  I had scheduled trips to Madrid and Senegal to buy the items I sell in Malabo and Bata. But all international and national flights are canceled.  My husband, who had to go to Bata this week, had to cancel his trip.

As people are afraid, most people do not want to go out anymore.  Some restaurants are still open, but very few people go out now.  People prefer to follow the advice of isolating at home to avoid contagion.  We don't really know how many people have been infected, but I also don't want to go out and get infected.  So, we will be getting poorer, but hopefully we will stay healthy.

Africans are very social people, but COVID-19 is going to change us a lot. It will be a difficult test, but if it lasts too long, I am afraid that many would not be able to endure confinement without being able to work and make a living. I hope it doesn't last.