COVID-19 Stories
Opposition Politician, in Malabo
EG Justice

The feeling in the air is of worry and despair, and not precisely because of COVID-19.  People are very anxious due to the uncertainty and hunger that overwhelms the poorest.

By having to follow the recommendations — without much verifiable information — from the government to stay at home, without any hope or confirmation that health care will be guaranteed when the health of any citizen worsens, the common Equatoguinean gets desperate.

My family and I, like thousands of other citizens, survive on what little we have at home, and with the hope that, in a bind, our relatives will come to our help.  We are praying to God to protect us from the pandemic, since there are no actions or promises on the horizon about distribution of food, fuel, or medicine to the population. No social assistance policies have been announced for large families or those most vulnerable.