COVID-19 Stories
Receptionist and Mother, in Bata.
EG Justice

Honestly, for many of us mothers, COVID-19 is still another viral disease. As you well know, malaria, typhoid fiver, HIV and tuberculosis are common in Equatorial Guinea. I just spent two weeks in bed with typhoid fever.  These are the diseases that are killing us for now.  We, women, have always faced the harshest burdens of these illnesses when our children or our husbands are ill, or when ourselves fall ill.

Many dads are gone from the house; away with a younger woman, instead of at home taking helping to take care of their children.  When this cursed pandemic really reaches us, it is going to completely disrupt our routines.  In the markets, the food vendors are all women.  What will happen to the families that depend on the money that these ladies bring home?  How will children who depend on these mother seat?  I do not know.  Perhaps this disease will have consequences never seen before, I don't know.  What Ido know is that we are not prepared, neither as mothers in our respective families, nor as a government to face this pandemic, after seeing the news that comes from relatives in Spain or France.