COVID-19 Stories
Taxi Driver, in Malabo
EG Justice

There is a relative normalcy, but the police officers in charge of enforcing the regulations are less well educated than the population.They use the only language they know: violence, arrogance and intimidation.

We are prohibited from transporting more than one customer in our cars. Imagine, if I have to go from Malabo to Baney or Luba with only one passenger. How am I going to support my family?

People no longer wait!  With a president consumed by fear and hidden in his town, with an absent Parliament, and with a "bling-bling"Minister of Health more worried about his appearance, people know that God is in command as always!  We don't expect much from the government.  "TheGovernment is our number 1 killer." Obiang himself does not respect the constitution.

Do not have the slightest doubt that the government is going to take advantage of COVID-19 to further restrain the people. You only have to see the photos from the Fishtón market.