COVID-19 Stories
Teacher, in Malabo
EG Justice

As soon as we learned that there was an infected patient in the country, just one, the “Most Important Man” and his wife ran away to hide from COVID-19 in their town.

Immediately, the government banned crowds.  But how do they expect people to not be in crowds, if they have to fight to get water?

How can people stay at home watching their children starve, without going out to work and get money to feed them?

The police, as expected, misinterpreted the prohibitions and targeted the vulnerable who, having no other alternative, set out to continue selling their bananas, mangoes, and malangas.

Those infected — despite the low numbers reported by the government — are increasing, and we have not yet seen any social assistance program. Disinfectants are gone, and people, once again glance towards the sky hoping for some miracle, because they are tired of the usual, monotonous government talk without action.