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Youth Perspective on COVID-19
EG Justice

I do not believe the story that the government is trying to sell us, because, after the hypothetical quarantine, the leaders have not shown us the affection or love they claim to have for our homeland.

I feel victim to abandonment by my government, who does not know if I have eaten or not since the quarantine began. I think this is because they are not interested. The rulers are interested instead on the image is projected to the outside world from the government's website, or their version in the censored newscasts issued by the two television and radio channels available to the country, which is supposedly an independent nation.

I have witnessed deaths in hospitals given the lack of personnel, as the government prefers to fire professionals, claiming that they are infected, even when they are not, because they do not agree with the guidelines of the president. We, who are called "mentally poor," do not believe the government’s story or those call themselves the "rich of mind."

To whom do they want to sell this well fabricated lie? We young people aged 12 to 20 ask ourselves every day.

The president’s commitment or need to blame the world or Spain for our misfortunes it is no longer believable, we are aware that if the government cannot fight against the yellow bug, it is because it did not want to train national technical teams. After all, the government considers the real enlightened ones to be enemies.

So high-ranking posts are held by those who threaten to make a nurse "eat oxygen", and imprison her for exercising her freedom of speech.

It is sad to think that many died for a few to weave a network that prevents any individual to achieve their dreams. It is indeed a deplorable philosophy, one that makes us believe that we are useless when instead talent is overflowing in Equatorial Guinea.

It has been 42 years of lies, and this is one of many, but it has gotten out of hand, and they do not how to cover it up. I'm baffled by how the "rich of mind" in Equatorial Guinea act and think. But they need to understand the pichi proverb that says "being very smart is an indication of being very dumb".